Virtual Workshop: Your Guide to Successful Exporting

By Litao, October 23, 2023

Litao provided training for EPICENTRE Acceleration program by European Commission.

The goal of the workshop was to provide an institutional knowledge development session for the decision-makers: European cluster organizations, policy makers and food associations.

Internationalization and expansion beyond European Union remains a high priority for the success of the acceleration program. We discussed what competences the companies need to develop in order to expand beyond European union, what products Chinese consumers are looking for and presented some guidelines, analyzing our best practices and success cases.

The figure below summarises the EPICENTRE support program:

The Acceleration program is jointly organized by 3 European Union member states, developing the competences and business value of 25 carefully selected SMEs.

More information on the program here:  

Refer to the original invitation:

We thank the organizations that played a key role in making this a success, including:

If you want to see what we discussed, here are some fragments of the presentation:

We are looking forward to sharing more sessions in the near future!

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