China market entry &
B2b sales management

We are a one-stop solution for your exports to China

China market entry

Year One: Roadmap

*Some services might not be necessary for certain brands, the service structure can be revised as per client’s needs.

China market entry

Key stages and services

1. Preparation

Trademark Registration

Protecting your IP in China Analysis & coordination with TM bureau

18 months

Customs Compliance

Nutritional formulation review & Importation assessment

10 work days

Virtual Office

Your China address & telephone number

min. 6 month contract

2. B2B Strategy

Competitor Analysis

Retail pricing, sales channels, regions, target audience, product positioning

2 months

Expert Interviews

Getting industry insights from market leaders and experienced professionals

4 weeks; 2 expert interviews

List of 10 Importers

Reaching out to 10.000 B2B partners through LITAO database.

Collecting product feedback, measuring interest

4 weeks

3. B2B Engagement

Company Profile

Corporate communications package: your B2B China strategy presentation

25 slides, 8 star SKUs, bilingual content

2 months

Chinese Naming

Competitive, consumer-centered your brand adaptation in Chinese

6 weeks

Road Trip

Tripartite meetings with pre-screened, interested B2B sales partners

2 months

4. B2B Sales & Marketing

Brand Ambassador & Sales

Managing inquiries, training distributors, attending industry events, tastings, B2B sales

6 days per month, min. 6 months contract

WeChat B2B Marketing

Building your brand presence in China and reaching 2000 industry professionals weekly

4 articles per month/daily CRM engagement

min. 6 months contract

China Brand Launch

Presenting the products to selected B2B audience through LITAO network

50 invited B2B parties

*Some services might not be necessary for certain brands, the service structure can be revised as per client’s needs.

Letter from ceo

CEO - Lina


My name is Lina, I have been living and working in China since 2009. Because of my fluent Mandarin, I started interpreting for high-level meetings since 2010. My clients were successful company owners, CEOs and even people representing governments of different countries. It’s them who were teaching me about business day after day.

I noticed the challenge in communication is not the language, but the way people think about business - in China it’s personal, and every detail matters. Some patterns became very clear and in 2015 I set up a cross-cultural business consulting firm to assist the clients systematically, and formed a team.

I have created a shortcut for your success in China. It’s based on my experience from over 1000 B2B meetings I participated in, between Chinese companies and their Western partners. We are sharing the process with you and invite you to talk to us if you are ready to do what is takes!


Lina Bartusevičiūtė
Founder & CEO